Vibrational + Hip Hop + Techno

Blending sounds and styles from around the globe and marrying them with the rich resonance of her voice,

Vo'Dou creates music that you feel in your bones.

Vo'Dou's Jukebox

Vo'Dou's Jukebox is a collection of vibrational music. Created purposely to plant seeds in other dimensions, enlighten and root the truth in each and every listening ear. Each tune has its own vibrational frequency in order to completely connect with listeners on specific levels of hertz. Lyrics written from Vo'Dou's manifestation of the meaning of life in her image as a divine being gaining the "hueman" experience. Tracks include Sleep Tight, Mutual Reality, A.O.T., Love My Damn Self, Missing You, Vo'Dou, La Negra Tiene Tumbao, and Young & Black for thirty-two minutes of original music. Buy this album wholesale here​.

Vo'Dou's Jukebox Sample
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Your Local Indi. Aboriginal

"Indi. is my own word for Independent music and also a term I use to represent Indigenous people and Individuals who are, as myself, Divine beings. I selected the font for my album and all the colors. I chose black, red and green in relation to my spiritual beliefs and my culture. Black represents me as an individual. Red represents my blood and how ancient it is. Green represents my native land." --Vo'Dou. Includes nine tracks for thirty-two minutes of music. Buy this album wholesale here​.

Your Local Indi. Aboriginal Sample
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Sound & Silence Official Soundtrack

The original soundtrack for the short film Sound & Silence. An hour of powerful, emotional music from Brianne DiMarco, Chrissy Ana'lise and Vo'Dou -- the first collaboration of Blue Forge Records musicians. Buy this album wholesale here​.

Sound & Silence Sample
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$12.99 on CD

$9.99 digital

If buying a digital album, you'll be automatically redirected to a secure download of zipped

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