The Message

Rap + Christian Rap

Speaking honestly and openly about addiction, recovery, fear and faith

The Message is a young rapper who exposes the truth even when it's not easy.

Finally Free

Finally Free includes nine tracks: Turn it Up (ft. Vo'Dou); Break Away; Nothing is Impossible; Breaking The Silence; Alcoholic Promises (ft. Vo'Dou); The Devil's Prayer; Shadows; The Rapture, and Outro. "For years I felt like no one understood my pain... then I opened up. I realized millions of people are afraid to speak out because they feel they have no voice. But they do. We all do. Finally Free exposes my battles, my fears, and my addictions. It's real hip-hop here to open your mind and your eyes with tracks full of lyricism, my personal stories, and a touch of jazz." --The Message. Buy this album wholesale here​.

Finally Free Sample
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